Conference Interpreting

Traductora e interprete en Málaga

Interpreting is the oral translation of a speech. This oral translation can be provided in different modes: simultaneous interpreting,
consecutive interpreting and liaison interpreting.

I offer this service, in all its modes, in Malaga, Spain. If you organise an event in another place, do not worry. I can travel to wherever
you are organising your event.

If your event is in an online format,
what you need is my Zoom remote interpreting service.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the mode in which I translate the speech almost at the same time as the speech is being delivered. This type of service is often used in order to save time and to facilitate a dynamic rhythm of the event. It is the perfect service
for conventions, seminars and conferences.

Traductora e interprete en Málaga

consecutive interpreting

Traductora e interprete en Málaga

When providing consecutive interpreting, I translate after the speaker’s intervention. You would listen to the original version first, and then, the translated version. It takes longer,
but you can avoid the use of technical equipment.


I use the technique of bilateral interpreting to translate short interventions in meetings or interviews. This way, all stakeholders can engage in a fluid conversation and interact.

Traductora e interprete en Málaga

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