Translation and Interpreting Services in Malaga

Do you want to reach an international audience? Do you want your message to cross borders? Do you feel that language is a barrier? Are you uncomfortable
communicating in English or French?

Do not worry, you can rely on professionals like me for that.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Laura Heredia Abolafio, and I am a professional conference interpreter and translator based in Malaga. I have extensive training and experience in the field of international communication. I offer a top-quality service
that will allow you to freely communicate
with your international audience.

I will help you so that language is not a limitation,
but an opportunity.

Do you want to know more?

Translation and Interpreting Services


Are you organising an international event in Malaga? Do you need an Spanish interpreter for your meeting? Keep reading to find out what I can do for you.


If you are holding a meeting on Zoom and need a professional interpreter with experience in remote simultaneous interpreting, I am the one for you.

Website Translation

Do you need to translate your website into Spanish? Trust me as professional Spanish translator and achieve the results you expect.

Medical Translation

Are you looking for a Spanish translator with experience in medicine? Keep reading and discover my training and experience in this field.

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Everything I have learnt is reflected in the quality of my work.


Among so many options, it is sometimes difficult to understand which service can best cover your needs. If you wish, we can arrange a video or telephone meeting and I will be happy to answer all your questions. Please fill this form and I will contact you as soon as possible.

It is very easy. You only need to fill out this form o get in touch with me sending an email to In this email, you need to specify which service you think you need. It could be a medical translation from French into Spanish or a conference interpreting service from Spanish into English in Malaga. Whatever you need. The more details you provide, the more detailed my quotation will be. After that, all you need to do is give me the go-ahead and I will start working on it.

We all know that buying a piece of furniture at Ikea is not the same as buying it in a handcrafted furniture shop. The same applies to translation services. You can use a machine translation or rely on someone who simply speaks the language. However, the quality of the result will not be the same as the one achieved with a professional in communication. If you prefer a well-done job, I will send you a customised and non-binding quote in the shortest possible time.

It is said that those who focuses upon everything has, in fact, no focus. I fully agree. You can find the areas in which I am specialised here. If you need help translation services in any other field, I can help you in another way. I have colleagues with other fields of expertise who will be able to provide you with a professional and quality service.

Every time I say I am a translator and conference interpreter, I always receive the same question: how many language do you speak? Some may be surprised to see that I only work with three languages – Spanish, English, and French – yet speaking more languages does not necessarily make you a better translator. Translating requires a thorough knowledge of the language, culture, subject matter, grammatical and semantic rules, and available resources, among other aspects. This is why it is important to rely on a specialised professional translator. That is what I am, working with English, French and Spanish. If you are looking for a translator with a different language combination, send a message and I will recommend reliable colleagues.

Of course, I can. When the translation of a text is requested, the whole service is provided online. You would send me the text by email – either as a digital document or as a scanned paper document – and I would send its translation back to you. In the case of simultaneous translation, I can arrange to travel to the event venue – either in Malaga or in any other city – or I can offer you a remote interpreting service through a videoconferencing platform, such as Zoom or Teams.

If you clicked on this question, it is because you urgently need a Spanish translator or interpreter. I usually respond to service requests within a fairly short period of time. If I can take care of your translation and prioritise it, you will know straight away.

You may also be organising an important event and need interpreters with different language combinations; I can help you organise the teams. You may have recurring meetings and always want to rely on the same interpreter; I can be the professional interpreter you always turn to. You may have a long text that you need to translate; I will give you periodic deadlines so that you can see how the translation of your project is progressing.

No matter what your project is, I can offer you a professional translation and interpreting service based on your needs.